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Workday is an intelligent workforce application company that helps our customers implement Cloud-based Human Capital Management solutions. We leverage domain and product expertise to help our customers implement a powerful, integrated Human Capital Management (HCM) solution on the cloud.

During recent times, the number of organizations implementing Workday has increased significantly. Workday is a cloud-based Human Capital Management (HCM) and Financial Management software system that offers a suite of applications to organizations for managing their workforce. It provides a complete set of capabilities for managing employee data, talent, payroll, and time tracking.

While Workday has been around for a while, its popularity has grown in recent years due to the benefits it offers organizations. Workday provides a single system for managing employee data, which can simplify HR processes and reduce costs. Additionally, Workday’s cloud-based deployment model can help organizations minimize IT infrastructure costs.


We, at DVR Softek, have an experienced team to lead the Workday implementation project. This team has a mix of skills and knowledge, including technical expertise, business process knowledge, and project management experience. We bring this capability to deliver a successful Workday HCM solution.

Cloud based

Our Human Capital Management solution helps organizations to implement Cloud-based HCM solutions by leveraging domain and product expertise. We help our customers implement Cloud-based Human Capital Management solutions by leveraging domain and product expertise to realize the advantages of the new paradigm.