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Application Services

Quality Engineering & Automation


Our QA engineering & automation approach reimagines QA [Quality Assurance] function in an end-to-end model by bringing in tools, processes and intelligent automation delivering high customer experience with constant research and improvement of quality.

We reimagine the way quality assurance is done for modern businesses. Our quality engineering & automation approach delivers high product quality and customer experience by bringing in tools, processes and intelligent automation. We enable businesses to deliver value by helping them continuously improve their quality. We use automation and machine intelligence to help you accelerate business agility at every step of the Software Development Life Cycle.


QA [Quality Assurance] is a catalyst for innovation. We create value for customers by helping them automate and control their software quality processes. Powerful engineering, automation and software development tools bring quality assurance capabilities to the forefront of all projects.


Quality assurance, whether in the digital or legacy world, is a critical component of any digital transformation and must be improved to help companies scale. At DVR Softek, we have capabilities covering across quality engineering, automation and process improvement areas, which are the building blocks of digital transformation.