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Application Services

Application Modernisation


We believe there is a need to speed up transformation to improve business agility, to reduce costs and to improve customer experience. We help organizations transform their applications in an end-to-end solution model, from application assessment to hosting into targeted platforms with data migration expertise.

We are a reliable and cost-effective expert when it comes to upgrading IT systems so that customers can gain a competitive advantage. We will assess the current system and predict how successful any new software would be for the organization. We have a range of offerings and capabilities to help our customers maximize their return on investments.


At DVR Softek, we help organizations face the challenges and reap the benefits of a technology-driven world. From the planning stages to implementation and support, we help our customers to transform their IT systems in a seamless manner. We provide technical excellence, cutting-edge technology, and practical business advice for every client, every project and every phase of the IT life cycle.

Our Approach

Our approach is to develop and deliver a comprehensive application modernization solution in an end-to-end manner so that you can move from being a customer to an enterprise customer.

We, at DVR Softek, do so by helping in assessment, provisioning, hosting and migration with expertise across multiple data platforms.