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Enterprise Applications

CRM / Salesforce / Microsoft 360


We have built a strong portfolio of services that deliver value to our business stakeholders. These include: Enterprise applications, from planning to implementation and maintenance; Cloud, from design to implementation and maintenance; and Salesforce, from design to implementation and maintenance. Everything that we do is driven by the end-user. We partner with our clients and work with them to envision and build technology-enabled products and services.


Believing in the concept of partner-led innovation, where our clients come to us with a specific requirement and need. Our action-oriented approach is really focused on delivering quality services while leveraging technology and partnering with our ecosystem partners. As a partner-led innovation, we want to work with our clients to brainstorm and come up with the most creative solutions to help them realize their goals. It’s not just about building a business platform – we want to create something that can truly make a difference.


We are an IT consulting entity through which we provide services like CRM, Salesforce, Microsoft 360 etc. to customers looking for business solutions. We provide services to mid and large-size companies, both domestic and global.  We, at DVR Softek, bring in a blend of domain, technical and product capabilities to deliver true value to our customers.