mySAP Supply Chain Management
Supply Chain Management (SCM) enables collaborative network optimization across the extended supply chain. It enhances responsiveness to customer demands. It helps Companies work closely with their partners.

mySAP SCM is a complete supply chain solution empowering companies to adapt to an ever changing environment. This enables better demand forecasting, vendor management and available-to-promise inventory distribution and sales order consumption.
Benefits :
  • Decreases the total network inventory and increases inventory turns
  • Improves customer service and reduces out of stock situations
  • Provides accurate product availability and substitution possibilities
  • Improves order fulfillment rates and expands product margins
  • Improved planning through collaboration with vendors and suppliers
  • Reduces overall costs
  • Improves customer service by integrating Sales and Marketing with Demand and Supply Planning
Industry-specific planning
Latest versions of SAP APO incorporate specific industry enhancements across the hi tech, automotive, chemical, pharmaceutical, oil & gas and consumer product industries.

DVR Softek Differentiators
  • Methodology
  • Pre-configured Scenarios in our Internal System
  • Tested integrated processes with integration to R/3, BW, SEM and SRM
  • White Papers: Compare pros and cons of various options (ex: SNP Heuristics / CTM / Optimizer)
  • Provide watch-out for performance related issues
  • Templates for various BADI's / User Exits, Proven Templates that reduce time in development and avoid double guessing
  • CIF Interface to existing R/3 system
  • Assessment of Forecasting, Demand Aggregation, Operations and Logistics planning
  • Development of Supply Chain Management Strategy (Industry Best Practices)
  • Demand Planning (Long term statistical forecasting, sales-history-based planning)
  • Forecast - DVR Softek's Middleware tool for demand aggregation via web/EDI and forecast/data validation.
  • Supply Network Planning - Constraint and Capacity based supply planning, what-if scenarios
  • Optimization tools and Techniques for Production Planning and Detailed Scheduling
  • GATP - Constraint and rule based ATP
  • Transportation planning and optimization
  • System landscape and architecture design
  • Project Leadership and Execution
  • User training and change management
  • Application/Production support
DVE Softek SCM expert helps you with planning an initial Prototype:
Prototype Two weeks analysis and prototype development in DVR Softek system : Jump Starts Implementation

Use DVR Softek Accelerators
  • Templates exits in Core Interface and Custom Developments : Reduces time for development by 30%
  • SNP Planning Engine selection template: Right choice first time without experimenting Business Process Templates
  • Knowledge Pool from Prior Implementations
  • Optimization Engine Performance Benchmarking Tools: Enables Right Sizing and Performance Guidelines
Off Shore Resources
  • Technical development: 50 % on site and 50 % offshore: Reduce Implementation Cost
  • Additional Resources on demand during Integration testing and Go-live
SCM Implementation
DVR Softek offers proven methodologies, best practices, and DVR Softek developed tools to get your (mySAP SCM) solution implemented enabling your business run more effectively. We help you develop a SCM strategy, redefine the network, optimize processes within enterprise boundaries.

Our experts assess the key change items, establish new ways to bring changes. The process include identifying changes related to people, processes and systems. We assist you in assessing the ROI of any re-engineering of systems or processes.

Implementation considerations :
Implementation is more complex than a R/3 implementation
What is perfect in a Prototype may be inefficient in a production environment for performance or volume reasons. You are bound to get a few errors in your production that weren't seen in a quality environment Consider all external interfaces in your design for APO. Some have effects although they do not interface directly Incorporate sufficient time for volume and performance testing. Sizing of hardware. You will need 64-bit architecture. Do not assume that a feature that is supported in R/3 is supported by APO

DVR Softek Benefits :
  • 3-4 weeks APO prototype
  • Scoping, Sizing, Estimating
  • 4-6 months Rapid APO Implementation
  • Pilot projects and Industry-specific solutions
  • Integration to BI, SRM, SEM, and CRM
  • Links strategy to targets and resource allocation