mySAP Supplier Relationship Management
DVR Softek's SRM Practice specialists can help you customize a strategy and road map to support better communication with your suppliers.

SRM solutions help companies transcend traditional supplier relationships to enable collaboration and profitability. Our SRM solutions include valuable capabilities that address:

collaborative design, spend analysis and optimization, strategic sourcing and contract management, procurement execution, and collaborative supply planning. Leveraging the power of SRM, companies can quickly select the best suppliers, establish strategic relationships, and facilitate more effective supplier collaboration to meet changing requirements and drive profits.

mySAP SRM increases supply chain visibility and automated processes. Connecting the entire supply base -- and giving you unprecedented Insight into global spend. So you can cut the cost of purchased goods and services.

Business Benefits
The benefits of supplier relationship management By providing access to leading application vendors, supplier relationship management solutions from DVR Softek can help you define a complete, Web-based solution that addresses :

Strategic sourcing - providing your procurement staff with the tools, knowledge and supporting business processes to determine the optimal sourcing strategy for each commodity and supplier.

Contract management - providing easy access to contract information, allowing procurement staff to easily track performance, compliance and burn rate against contractual commitments.

Product sourcing - helping product development teams stay in synch with global sourcing strategies. Advanced analyses ensure products are optimized for total cost and supply constraints before reaching volume manufacturing.

Supply collaboration - providing visibility into the value chain to Ensure supply by taking into account material forecasts, supply constraints, capacity constraints, inventory status and scheduled shipments.

Negotiation - automating building quotes and quote analysis.

Procurement - managing all procurement transactions, including requisitioning, purchase order creation and settlement.

Assessment of Purchasing and Sourcing processes - Direct and Indirect spend analysis and Sourcing Strategy (Industry Best Practices) e-Procurement Strategy Development (Catalogs, contracts, approval workflow,payment processing, e-Document exchange) Business Requirements and Gap Analysis Solution design and Blueprinting (SAP EBP and SRM) Supplier adoption and Relationship Management System landscape and architecture design Project Leadership and Execution User training and change management Application support and KPI monitoring.

Implementation/Key Tasks/Deliverables by DVR Softek's SRM experts will include :
  • Blueprint for the SRM implementation
  • Define and validate scope of pilot/project
  • Installation and Configuration of SRM and its components in the recommended scenario
  • Integration of SRM with SAP R/3 and Other mySAP Components based on Customer Need
  • Interfacing of SRM with other systems
  • Design and implementation of standard workflow processes
  • Configure processes for P-Card and non P-Card purchasing
  • Migration of catalogs to Requisite Content management toolset
  • Define and Execute Unit and System test
  • Migration of SRM and its components to production environment
  • Assistance in development of training materials
  • Delivery of training to super users
  • Roll out SRM to other locations
  • Production support
SRM Capabilities/ Implementation
Shorter turnaround timeframes and huge data need faster and more efficient decision systems. Quicker access to information is vital to maintain the pace of business.
Companies face barriers in harnessing their corporate information for effective decision-making. mySAP Business Intelligence enables you to identify, integrate, and analyze relevant information. You can make informed decisions making use of all your information. You can analyze every aspect of business across the value chain including multiple divisions, partners and various touch points.
Benefits :
  • Access to data to make sound decisions
  • Bird’s eye view of the entire organization’s operations
  • Access to employees the relevant information at the right time
  • Integration of data to provide a comprehensive analysis
  • Helps identify new sources of revenue
  • Open platform complemented through partners
  • Business content to maximize ROI