mySAP Customer Relationship Management
We help our clients in branding and marketing strategies by our expertise in CRM components like intelligence gathering, analysis and customer segmentation etc. A customer-centric company measures customer value by differentiating people who buy several products regularly from those who purchases occasionally; treats customers according to the value of their purchase, customizing marketing to the customer-types; providing consistent service through the sales, marketing, or service departments. This strategy helps the company become a valuable supplier.

Business Benefits
  • Effective CRM software enables sales reps, service reps, administrative staff, and often, accounting and executive personnel, to do their job better, faster, and with less wasted paper and time
  • Prospects can be followed up quickly, and sales reps have instant access to the exact data needed for effective closing
  • Marketing can be analyzed for workability and improved to create the highest return possible on the marketing dollar
  • In service, customers can be handled rapidly, and the exact nature of a problem can be quickly located and handled
  • The right CRM solution enables data to flow easily and quickly within an organization, and in most cases includes the entire organization
  • The net result is higher sales, happier customers and a much improved bottom line
  • The reduction in costs due to improved personnel productivity, better sales follow up, improved marketing and service, and an overall growth in general organizational efficiency

CRM Capabilities/ Implementation
DVR Softek CRM Capabilities/Implementation Services
  • *Strategy, design and deployment of Customer Relationship Management Solutions
  • CRM and#8211; Opportunity management, Campaign Management, Internet Sales/Mobile Sales and Order Management, Customer Service and Operations, Customer Self-Service/Electronic Storefront, Billing and Payment processing
  • Catalog and Content Management, Marketing campaigns
  • Sales Force Automation
  • CRM Analytics and Reporting
  • System landscape and architecture design
  • Project Leadership and Execution
  • User training and change management
  • Application support and KPI monitoring

Implementation Considerations :
  • A methodology based on the tried and trusted principles of ASAP
  • Phase process-oriented approach
  • Includes various documentation, accelerators and templates