mySAP Enterpise Portals
Shorter turnaround timeframes and huge data need faster and more efficient decision systems. Quicker access to information is vital to maintain the pace of business. Companies face barriers in harnessing their corporate information for effective decision-making. mySAP Business Intelligence enables you to identify, integrate, and analyze relevant information. You can make informed decisions making use of all your information. You can analyze every aspect of business across the value chain including multiple divisions, partners and various touch points.
Benefits :
  • Access to data to make sound decisions
  • Bird's eye view of the entire organization's operations
  • Access to employees the relevant information at the right time
  • Integration of data to provide a comprehensive analysis
  • Helps identify new sources of revenue
  • Open platform complemented through partners
  • Business content to maximize ROI
Portals Implementation
DVR Softek SEM personnel provide planning and implementation services for all components of SAP's Strategic Enterprise Management (SEM) suite. This includes Business Consolidation (SEM-BCS), Business Planning and Simulation (SEM-BPS), Corporate Performance Management (CPM) and Stakeholder Relationship Management (SEM-SRM).

A SEM application functions on data from a data warehouse accessible to CFOs and strategic planners, who can come down to the level of last detail they require. This data warehouse is a set of analytical application systems incorporating techniques like shareholder value management, balanced scorecard and activity based management. The potential of all these elements is tremendous. SAP Strategic Enterprise Management (SAP SEM) helps organizations to translate their business strategy into everyday, real life actions in the organization.
  • Guides you to communicate your goals to your organization and stakeholders
  • Provides access to internal and external resources, including data from third parties
  • Supports integrated planning, budgeting and forecasting plans
  • Changes static operational planning cycles into continuous, rolling forecasts
  • Monitors the performance of strategic key success factors using benchmarks like Management cockpit and Balanced Scorecard
Capabilities/ Implementation
DVR Softek SEM experts leverage SAP product knowledge and diverse domain expertise to help you in :

Implementation Balanced Score Card functionality component of CPM Deliverables
  • Client's Balanced Scorecards converted to SEM-BSC
  • Key Performance Indicators
  • KPI's linked to actuals and/or plan
  • Ownership Assignment to Objectives, KPI's and Initiatives
  • Web-enabled Score Card
Implementation of the SAP Management Cockpit component of CPM Deliverables:
  • Management Cockpit including the hierarchy of Cockpit Wall
  • Management view with Frames (with five different graphical views)
  • Web Enablement
  • Traffic Light Report
  • Print Functions
Implementation of SEM-BPS - Business Planning and Simulation Deliverables
Input templates and Excel spreadsheets for budgeting sales revenues, operating expenses, payroll planning, and capital planning

Implementation of the SAP Business Information Warehouse Benefits
  • Ability to leverage Standard SAP Content including delivered extractors for data from SAP
  • Required technology for SEM-BPS
  • Ability to leverage delivered data loading utilities and reporting capabilities to support SEM functionality being implemented
Assuming Hyperion -Load into SEM-BCS
  • Activate SEM-BCS InfoCube(s)
  • Activate all SEM-BCS InfoSources and Queries (SAP data)
  • Size for Hyperion data in BW
  • Provide link between SEM-BPS and BW
  • Develop queries for ScoreCard purposes
  • Web-enabled BW Queries