mySAP Business Intelligence
Shorter turnaround timeframes and huge data need faster and more efficient decision systems. Quicker access to information is vital to maintain the pace of business. Companies face barriers in harnessing their corporate information for effective decision-making. mySAP Business Intelligence enables you to identify, integrate, and analyze relevant information. You can make informed decisions making use of all your information. You can analyze every aspect of business across the value chain including multiple divisions, partners and various touch points.
Benefits :
  • Access to data to make sound decisions
  • Bird's eye view of the entire organization's operations
  • Access to employees the relevant information at the right time
  • Integration of data to provide a comprehensive analysis
  • Helps identify new sources of revenue
  • Open platform complemented through partners
  • Business content to maximize ROI
Business Intelligence Capabilities
  • Strategy Development
  • Architecture Assessment
  • Business Requirements andamp; Gap Analysis
  • Data Modeling
  • BW and SEM Planning, Design andamp; Implementation
  • Custom BW Application Development
  • BW Web Enablement
  • APO, EBP and CRM BW Reporting Support
  • Education andamp; Training
DVR Softek uses components of SAP and ASAP methodology and incorporates many of the best practices recommended by experts. We create a vision for success with the end in mind.

DVR Softek follows a top-down approach to requirements, which focuses on business goals, drivers and key performance indicators (KPIs). This requires executive and senior management inputs and encourages operational activities aligned to business goals. Strengthening the top-down approach with a bottom-up approach provides a reality check without re-doing the existing reports.

Business Intelligence Implementation
DVR Softek offers proven methodologies, best practices, and tools to get consistency in your data and an enhanced view of operations.

BW Implementation :
DVR Softek BI practice offers a "BW Jumpstarter Pack" that implements accelerated BW to jumpstart a bigger BW project in a timeframe of 6-8 weeks.

Jumpstarter includes :
  • BW Proof of Concept
  • Assessment project template
  • Implements 3-4 infocubes
  • Design Documentation
  • Connected to R/3
  • Covert historical data
  • Implement in Production
  • Project Status summary
DVR Softek Benefits :
  • Implemented BW running in 8 weeks
  • Customer team gains experience on BW
  • Foundation for BW processes is laid
  • Helps to evaluate the shortcomings in the standard content
  • A combination of SAP ASAP methodology with Kimball and Inman principles